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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

TripAdvisor Powers Travel Tools on Samsung Galaxy S 4

For Galaxy S 4 users, TripAdvisor will be right at your fingertips, right out of the box. The TripAdvisor app will be the only pre-installed travel app on the hot new Samsung Galaxy S 4, providing quick and easy access to TripAdvisor content. Plus, Samsung is using TripAdvisor content - millions of photos and over 100 million reviews and opinions - to power its own travel apps:

Travel Widget – the inspirational Travel Widget will showcase TripAdvisor images of popular travel destinations and attractions around the world. Touch the on-screen star icon to save places to your “Saves” list on TripAdvisor, or tap the image to see details in the TripAdvisor app, which include reviews, opinions, photos and contact information.

Lock Screen Slideshow – When the phone is in “locked” mode, you can opt to see beautiful travel photos of the world’s most visually striking destinations on the device’s high-definition display.

City Information in Samsung Story Album – Samsung Story Album helps build a digital photo book by seamlessly connecting travel content to your travel photos. TripAdvisor lets you add more city information into the Story Album.

And TripAdvisor has added exclusive features to its application, including Single Sign-On with a Samsung ID, the ability to load details of hotels and flights found on TripAdvisor into the phone’s native calendar app; and the ability to load contact information for a hotel or attraction to the Galaxy S4’s Contacts list.

The Samsung S 4 will start shipping in April, so if you’re lucky to get your hands on one, keep a look out for the integrated TripAdvisor content and app!