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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rising cost of APD hits British Travellers

TripAdvisor flights survey reveals reaction to impending lift on liquid ban and British travellers’ favourite airline 

The results of the 2013 TripAdvisor Flights Survey are in and we at TripAdvisor can reveal British travellers’ attitudes to the continuing rise of Air Passenger Duty (APD), and the impending lift on liquid restrictions in hand-luggage across EU airports. Plus, British Airways is crowned the UK’s favourite airline for the third consecutive year according to TripAdvisor travellers.

APD hits British holiday-makers

As industry campaigners continue to battle against APD, the TripAdvisor survey of over 1,100 respondents reveals that the majority of British travellers are also against it, with 77% citing that APD should be scrapped. With APD set to increase further this coming April, it seems the increasing tax could take its toll on British holiday-makers plans, particularly during these tough economic times – over a quarter of Brits (27%) say that the cost of APD will impact on their travel plans this year. 

Brits unfazed by Liquid ban lift

Also in April, the 100ml limit for any liquids in carry-on luggage is due to be lifted when all EU airports will have equipment capable of screening liquids. Despite the restriction having been in place for traveller safety since 2006, only 17% of Brits claim they will feel less safe without it.

“Flights make up a significant part of the cost of a trip and the results of this research reveal that the ever increasing cost of APD is becoming a real concern for British travellers,” commented TripAdvisor spokesperson, Emma Shaw. “And, while the liquid ban was originally implemented for traveller safety, it seems that the majority of Brits won’t feel any less safe when the restriction is lifted later this year.” 


BA still backed by Brits

For the third year in a row, British Airways has been named the UK’s favourite airline. Virgin Atlantic has slipped to third place with easyJet this year beating Branson’s airline to second position. In order, British travellers’ five favourite airlines are:

1.   British Airways

2.   easyJet

3.   Virgin Atlantic

4.   Monarch

5.   Thomson Airways

*Survey carried out on 1,113 British respondents between 8th February15th February.