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Friday, 14 September 2012

Boozy Brits: More than a quarter of Brits drink four times the daily recommended amount on holiday

Boozy Brits: More than a quarter of Brits drink four times the daily recommended amount on holiday
With the summer holiday period drawing to a close, as Britain gets back to normality TripAdvisor has surveyed the British public to find out their approach to health whilst on holiday and the results are in…

Of over 2,500* British travellers surveyed, our research found that 60% of Brits admit to indulging in more alcohol on holiday than they normally would, and while holidays are undoubtedly a time to unwind, 28% of British respondents admit to drinking five or more alcoholic drinks every day – four times more than the recommended amount[1].

It seems we are far from shaking off the reputation of boozy Brits abroad - when it comes to the number of alcoholic drinks we consume per day on holiday, British holiday-makers drink on average more than our French, Italian, Spanish and German counterparts. The Italians have the most restraint, with only a quarter (24%) drinking more on holiday than they normally would.

When it comes to weight, the changing shape of Britain is always a contentious topic, and clearly holidays play a significant part in expanding waistlines, with 58% of Brits admitting they over-indulge on food while on holiday. However, this is still lower than the 68% of Italians who admit to the same.

Holidays should be the perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries, yet a third (34%) of British travellers claim they don’t feel refreshed or re-energised at all following a break, with 11% claiming they actually feel less healthy and more tired after a holiday.

The results also reveal that British holiday-makers aren’t too worried about suffering from a health issue on holiday, with half (50%) claiming the healthcare facilities of a destination do not influence their holiday choice. And, almost a third (29%) of Brits admit they don’t bother to check out the healthcare available at a destination before travelling.

“Leading busy, stressful lives often means that a holiday is the only time Brits can really let loose and relax. While recharging the batteries is a great idea, British holiday-makers need to be careful that they don’t always need another holiday to recover from the excesses of the last one,” says TripAdvisor spokesperson, Emma Shaw.

*Survey carried out on 6,258 Europeans (including 2,508 Britons), between 3rd August – 10th August.