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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Brits Ready to Take a Stand Against Airline Hand Luggage Fees

Brits Ready to Take a Stand Against Airline Hand Luggage Fees

Ever increasing airline fees have long been a hot topic for travellers and the recent news that a budget airline is to introduce a fee for hand luggage that won’t fit under your seat continues to flare the conversation. We at TripAdvisor polled over 11,500 British travellers to find out what they think about these new costs and the scale of the negative reaction to this move speaks for itself.

The TripAdvisor poll revealed that almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents are so disgruntled by the imposed fees that they would rather fly with an alternative airline than pay the additional charge, while a quarter (25%) said they would only consider paying the hand luggage fee if it meant cheaper costs all round. Only 2% of Brits said that they would be happy to pay the extra fee.

“Charging passengers for hand luggage that doesn’t fit under the seat is an interesting move, but one that clearly doesn’t sit well with the majority of British travellers. Travellers should always do their research before booking to ensure that any extra charges are factored into the total fare.”
* Survey carried out on 11,752 British Travellers, between 4 October – 10 October 2012.